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Alaska is a private craft brewery. We produce and sell beer all over the country. During our import experience with we got experience of high-quality distribution, studied consumers' preferences and learnt from famous brewers. Our key princeple - produce clean beer, using ingredients of the best quality. No pasteurisation, filtration or preservatives. 

What is Craft Beer?

Craft beers are crafted in small independent breweries, which use the best antique recipes with brand new approaches. All these together gives a life to so much different masterpieces.

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Craft beer
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According to Glabal Healthcare Organization, moderate doze of alcohol per day is 40g (or 1 litre of beer_ for men and 20g for women. Polyphenols and bitter substance of hops are antioxydants with anticancerogenic, antithrombotic and anti-inflammatory effect and are able to prevent cardiovascular deseases. Xanthohumols from beer are important to prevent osteoporosys and aterosklerosys. Folic acid (B9) accelerates metabolism, hematopoiesis and cells repair. (Ludwig Narcissus)


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